Nylon Magazine


“If knowledge is power, The Bearded Gentleman will put any pogonophobic to rest. Authors Allan Peterkin and Nick Burns have poured untold amounts of hours into detailing the history and future of facial hair, along with witty (but entirely practical) advice.”

Out Magazine

OUT Magazine

“From the basic (avoiding ingrowns) to the very specific (achieving the ultimate Klingon), this definitive manual offers advice and instructions for dozens of looks. Our suggestion? Leave the Fu Manchu to the amateurs and use this book to coin your own signature style.”

Simon Doonan

Simon Doonan

Creative Ambassador

“Facial hair is totally BACK! But anyone attempting to navigate this treacherous and codified world without consulting Nick Burns and Allan Peterkin is destined for gruesome public humiliation.”

The New York Times

The New York Times

Thursday Styles

“This new book on beards helps men navigate the treacherous waters between laughingstock and Jake Gyllenhaal…. [the book] suggests age-appropriate styles, advising, ‘Never apologize, never explain.’”

Men’s Health

Brian Boye

Fashion & Grooming Director

“Equal parts humorous and informative, The Bearded Gentleman is a must-read for guys who have or are considering facial hair. Burns and Peterkin provide thoughtful advice on growing, styling and upkeep, with advice from some of the industry’s leading experts along the way. Did you know there are right and wrong beard […]